Asyncrob Corporation was founded in 2001 by a group of disabled military veterans. This group of veterans has extensive experience in the telecommunications field both during and after their military careers.

James Robinson IV

James E. Robinson IV is the founder of Asyncrob Corporation and is its chief executive officer. Mr. Robinson has over thirty years in the telecommunications industry. During his career he has held leadership positions in the following:

  • United States Air Force as combat crew commander;
  • Cox Matthews & Associates as comptroller a higher education publisher;
  • C&P Telephone-Bell Atlantic, which is now Verizon;
  • Mitel Inc., an international PBX and semiconductor manufacturer; and
  • Teligent Inc., a CLEC, provider of data, local dial tone and long distance service.

His federal government employment includes serving as on the staff of to U.S. Representative Walter Fauntory.

Thornell Jones

Thornell T. Jones, President of Asyncrob Technologies has been the chief engineer in the manufacturing of semiconductors for IBM. His career experience includes:

  • Integration of an automated manufacturing facility to personalize integrated circuits;
  • Integration of the automated quartz sputtering equipment;
  • Technical consulting;
  • Market development;
  • Marketing;
  • Engineering management;
  • TQM management;
  • Engineering administration; and
  • Engineering service for IBM and other Professional Services Groups.